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Build Cyber Resilience together with your Kids

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Well Thought & Crafted Online Cyber Course for Kids of age 6 – 12 Years.

Online Cyber Courses include- best practices on how to stay safe online with strong passwords, basic email security, and much more.

  • Building up Cyber Hygiene
  • Learn with fun
  • Automated Self-Paced Learning (SPL)
  • Lifetime access

Specific Outcomes

Overall Cyber Security safeguard features.

Online Self-Paced Courses

Effective online safety topics for you and your kids

Learn with Ease

Courses taught in simple & easy English for all ages

Lifetime access

Self-Paced Learning (SPL)

Why are Cyber Security Awareness Sessions required?

For effective monitoring and control of screen time, avoid unsolicited cyber surfing, for restrictions in personal de-characterization within kids.

Protect your kids from cyber crimes/frauds

What We Teach

Our Online Cyber Security Course Covers

How to use Phone device

Using Phone Devices

Learn & understand phone devices & their healthy use

How to use the Internet


Learn about Internet

Teaching how to do safe browsing

Safe Browsing

Learn how to do safe browsing


Online Strangers

Learn & Understand how to deal with Online Strangers

Cyber Security

Learn what is Cyber Security

How to use Email Safely

Email Safely

Learn all about Email

what is password

What is Password?

Learn what is a Password

Strong Password

Strong Password

Learn about how to create Strong Password


Making Friends Online

Learn everything about Online Friends
Watching Youtube


Learn everything about Youtube

cyber security courses online

Online Browsing

Staying Aware Like Rachel

Computer safety game

The Computer Safety Game

Game to learn about Computer Safety
Cyber Bullying

Cyberbullying & Online Reputation

Learn about the Cyberbullying & Online Reputation

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Parramatta City Council Outstanding Education Service Finalist Award 2021

What our clients like to say about us!


“I was worried when my 12-year-old girl used the internet without any prior knowledge. But with this course, I am relieved that she can take care of herself while surfing the web.”

Lucy Patterson

“I loved the way the course was made. It was easy for my 7-year-old kid to understand, remember and implement while surfing the internet.”

Terry L

“After doing the Kids course, my parents have given me a new laptop for my school activities and I can now manage to use all the online facilities with confidence”

Rajesh Rao
Bangalore, India

“The cyber course helped me in creating my online accounts for studies and fun. Now I feel confident while surfing the internet”

Amodh Bhalunkar