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About Us

Cyber Professionals with a mission

Cyber Rangers Academy (CRA) specializes on cyber security awareness training with an emphasis of creating cyber safe families. CRA also provides modules across kids, teens, parents, professionals and grand parents as a part of its awareness training suite.

Based at Australia, it envisages to be a global presence for creating cyber safe environments. It has a team of Cyber experts and IT professionals as its core members who ensure that the content creation and curations are taken care of in the best way coupled with the best practices of cyber security.

Cyber Training for Kids

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Our Core Values

Excellence Is Our New Normal

We work really hard because Families everywhere are counting on us. We don’t do mediocre things, and we see problems as opportunities to do better, so we can show you the way how to overcome them. We go the extra mile, practice what we preach, and get the job done.

We Are Courageous

We know everyone’s lives are changed because we came to the digital era. We exist to create a brighter future for families globally, we think what no one has even imagined, and we always ask “what if?”. We believe in a higher consciousness that is bigger than ourselves, and it drives us to work smarter and harder.

We Bring Light And Hope (Positivity)

We serve 10x more than we sell. We love making other people’s day just a little bit brighter, and we believe in the little things like smiles, hugs, and laughter! We also give it away to people who need it.

We Are Stronger As A Team

We are humble, life-long learners who step up, pitch in, and help out daily. We are accountable and we take ownership of what we’re entrusted with. We say sorry when we screw up, and we believe everything is possible if we’re working it out together.