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Cyber Security Awareness Online Training

Cyber Rangers Academy brings you one of the best Cyber Security Awareness Online Training for one and all across the spectrum.

The training modules are curated by experts and the best professionals in the field of cyber security. The curators have strongly believed that the training modules have been designed in a way that kids, parents and professionals would be beneficial in all aspects of cyber security. These modules have also been vetted by experts across the different categories.

The online awareness training makes the trainees most competitive and keeps them a step ahead of their peers. It covers simple topics like password security to complex topics like network vulnerability and ransomware.

Cyber Security Course for kids

Cyber Security Course for Kids (6 to 12 Years)

Trusted by tech experts and real users

Why take the cyber security course for Kids?

Be Cyber Master

  • Keep your online identity and data safe from prying eyes
  • Enjoy the Internet without disclosing yourself.
  • Restrict Accessibility Tricks (RAT).
  • Keep your Assets Locked (KAL).
  • Decode suspicious messages.
  • Differentiation on various types of social engineering attacks.
  • Prepares you and your family members to be a good Digital Citizen

Cyber Expert Course

  • Enjoy easy to learn and effective online safety topics for you and your kids
  • Expert instruction
    Courses taught in simple & easy English all for all ages.
  • Lifetime access
    Self Paced Learning (SPL)

Cyber Sanskar for one and all

  • For Kids 6 Yrs to 12 Yrs
    Building up cyber hygiene
    Learn with fun
  • For Kids 13 Yrs to 18 Yrs (Soon Launching)
    Good & Bad cyber etiquettes
    Cyber grooming
  • For Parents & Senior Citizens
    3S of CyberLearning
    Bridging the gap
    CYG (Control Young Generation)